Together, we can

Build a world where everyone has an opportunity to REACH each other

Our Impact

We work to ensure that every Ukrainian has a laptop to connect worldwide.
  • Due to War in Ukraine – a lot of Ukrainians cannot properly work on their workplaces, because it’s not safe. Some of them are unemployed, some of them had to leave their homes, some of them may never come back…
  • The prices on the laptops in Ukraine were raised twice! For example, if in the US an average laptop costs 400$ – in Ukraine it`s 800$ or more;
  • Ukrainians need to continue studying, working, and communicating! And we are willing to provide this connection by equipping them technically,  Let’s do it together!

Who are we

A nonprofit organization that helps Ukrainians get laptops from other countries!

We Find & Deliver

We negotiate with various companies to provide laptops for Ukrainians. After that, we update the hardware and the laptop systems and send them to meet their new owners in Ukraine.

We Interview

We conduct a personal interview with each person that requests a laptop. This gives us an idea of how important a laptop is for that person and how it will be used.

We Respect

We are grateful to every person and company that helps deliver laptops to Ukrainians. Also, each donator can get some nice bonuses from us.

We Connect

Our team helps unite people from all over the world to help Ukrainians. And for Ukrainians, we create an opportunity to stay in touch with the whole world.

Our numbers speak

We have numbers that push us to give in our best and make sure that we break our own records. We are happy to be growing and helping more day by day.
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